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A ‘fond’ memory of the DMW motor cycle by Phil Hopkins
Some of you, particularly  those who served in the old Mid Wales Constabulary / D Division areas, may remember Peter Griffin (PC 753) and his wife Megan (WPC 147) who served in the area in the mid 1960’s to 1970 prior to Peter transferring to West Mercia (Megan had already finished in the police to raise their family).
Peter recalls the DMW motor cycle and makes the following comment:
'I am pretty certain that there was not a DMW at Llandrindod but they did have a Land Rover because of the heavy snowfalls experienced every winter.'
I FELL OFF A DMW AND BRUISED NOTHING (EXCEPT MY PRIDE)!A 1966 police 'Deemster; as seen at the Black Country Vehicle Rally in 2002.
I served with Peter in Llandrindod Wells – as did our webmaster Hugh Colley, as we had both been posted there from Bridgend. I am able to say with certainty that Peter is wrong in this respect, as the following tale will show.
Like Peter, I had passed my motor cycle test before joining the police and so I was a valuable asset in that I was able to be sent on rural enquiries on this beast of a machine!   Yes, there was indeed a DMW in Llandrindod!  At that time, the Land Rover was the only police vehicle in Llandrindod (apart from the patrol cars and the CID vehicle) and it was very rare that you would be allowed to drive the Land Rover – especially as a young probationer!
One day, I was sent on an enquiry which took me up a country lane in Howey, a small village a couple of miles from Llandrindod.  As I was driving up the lane, I saw a young schoolboy on a push bike in the road a couple of hundred yards in front of me.  In case this lad hadn’t seen me, I eased off the throttle as I approached him. He still didn’t seem to have noticed me, so when thirty or forty yards away from him; I decided that an evasive course of action was necessary, so slammed on the brakes.  The inevitable happened due in no small part to the small wheels of the motor bike – I came off!   It was only my pride that was hurt, dismounting the machine in such a fashion in front of this young lad!  Fortunately, the vehicle suffered only minor damage and after ascertaining details of this schoolboy, I was able to return to the Station, where I completed the accident report myself – no need for a supervisory officer to attend in those days!
I suspect that this incident weighed heavily on the mind of this youngster and that he was not very impressed with my motor cycle skills, thinking that he could do better, since he joined the Dyfed Powys Police not many years later and ended up riding “proper” motor cycles.This incident occurred around forty six years ago and Ian Mills (for it was he, spending the majority of his service in the Brecon area) and I to this day disagree who was at fault – we still blame each other!      
N.B. Ian has been requested to provide his version of events which is eagerly awaited!