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After last year’s Christmas lunch had to be cancelled, as indicated in the last Newsletter, this year’s event is again being held at the Lakeside, Garthmyl, on Tuesday 30th November at 12.30 pm.  

The cost is £18.95 for two courses and £24.95 for three courses - to view the menu, click on MENU  

Please reply by Sunday 31st Octoberwith your choice of menu, along with a £10 per person deposit to Derek Bloomfield.   




Due to technical issues, it has not been possible to post photos into the Photo Album section and despite numerous attempts to rectify the problem, the problem has not been fixed.

Therefore, the DPP NARPO website now has TWO Photo Albums.

To access photos posted on the website from October 2021 onwards go to the Menu Bar and click on NEW PHOTO ALBUM

To access photos posted on the website pre October 2021, go to the Menu Bar and click on OLD PHOTO ALBUM.



Dyfed-Powys Police has noticed an increase in calls regarding Facebook Marketplace Scams.

Full details of the scam can be found in the Scam Alert section.



The following has been received from Age Cymru:

My name is Fernanda, and I am contacting you as part of a project looking at older people’s experiences during the lockdown.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the digital divide has been a particular concern as people became more dependent on the internet to access services. Your experiences during the lockdown will give us an understanding of how the disparities in access and proficiency in technology can contribute to negatives outcomes for the older population.

We are looking for individuals aged 60 and over living in Wales to take in our research study by filling out a survey. You will have the option to complete it online or via telephone and this can be done at the time and day that suits you best. We are simply trying to capture your experiences during the lockdown and the use of digital technology.

Your participation will be a valuable addition to the research, and I would greatly appreciate it if you would consider participating in the questionnaire.

Please take some time to read the Participant Information Sheet that will offer you some further information about our project and the survey and if you are interested.

If you would like more information or would like to participate, please contact us for further discussion.

To view the Participation Information Sheet click HERE



The following has been received from DC Gareth Jordan (Cyber Protect Officer):

There is a phishing email doing the rounds which has been targeting BT customers.

I've seen several of these this week both in and out of work and several persons have clicked the red link and input their log-in details.

Usual chain of events then, where emails requesting vouchers are sent to their contacts.

Whilst in the accounts the suspects are then adding a forwarding email address onto the account in the BT web mail so that all emails sent to the victim go to this address.



HERO police officers and staff from Dyfed-Powys Police and across the country who have died while protecting the public was commemorated in a permanent memorial unveiled on Wednesday 28th July at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire.

You can watch the ceremony by clicking on: https://www.ukpolicememorial.com/dedication-ceremony/

The new UK Police Memorial is the culmination of the commitment by the Police Arboretum Memorial Trust - which was established in 2014 - to raise funds to build a fitting tribute that honours the courage and sacrifice of all those from across the police service who have dedicated their lives to protecting us.

The 12-metre-tall brass tribute, within a beautifully 25 metre landscaped area, was officially unveiled during a special dedication service attended by hundreds of guests, who will adhere to coronavirus restrictions, including dignitaries, senior politicians, representatives from all police force across the country, policing charities and the families and friends of officers killed on duty.



POLICE and Crime Commissioner, Dafydd Llywelyn has announced that he is to appoint Chief Constable of Cleveland Police, Richard Lewis as the new Chief Constable of Dyfed-Powys Police.

Cleveland Police confirm new chief constable | The Northern Echo

Following a robust and transparent recruitment process involving key stakeholders, PCC Dafydd Llywelyn’s decision will now be considered by the Police and Crime Panel in a confirmation hearing to be held on 30 July. To read the full press release click on:




The winners in the June draw and Summer Spectacular can be found in the Members Only section.

A good number of NARPO members among the winners. 


The following has been received from Age Cymru:

Please find attached information (see below) about the evaluation of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act that is currently being carried out.

There are two online focus groups being held on Tuesday 29th June from 10am to 11.30am and on Thursday 1st July from 2pm to 3.30pm. If you would like to be involved, you can book a place by following this link:


If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Lye​ (Phone: 02920 431570)

For more information click on IMPACT STUDY



The following has been received from DC Gareth Jordan (DPP Cyber Crime Team):

We have received notice from NFIB that Mobile Phone Upgrade Scams are on the increase UK wide.

We have only had a total of two reports to date – so not a massive increase in DPP. Hopefully, we can ensure that we stop more people being scammed before the criminals’ campaign reaches DPP in full swing?

To find out more about the scam click on MOBILE SCAM (English) or MOBILE SCAM (Welsh)



The following has been received from DC Gareth Jordan (DPP Cyber Crime Team)

Conveyancing fraud occurs when the fraudster intercepts correspondence relating to the sale of a property and instructs the client to pay the funds into a new bank account that is controlled by the fraudster.

This type of crime is also known as Mandate Fraud or Invoice Fraud. Solicitors should be aware of it and make their clients aware of it, but it is always worth making sure you don’t become a victim of this scam.

Conveyancing fraud normally occurs due to Email Compromise, and this could be the solicitors email or the clients email (often hard to prove after the crime as criminals may wipe out traces that they have been there)

Once an email account is compromised, the criminal is in control of the email account and they can edit emails to suit their purposes, allowing them to alter wording and also bank account payee details - which can mean the purchaser paying the remittance to the criminal thinking that they are paying the solicitor!

To find out more about Conveyancing Fraud click HERE (English) or HERE (Welsh)



The following has been received from Mr Steve Edwards (CEO) NARPO UK:

Thank you to those who responded to our recent survey regarding mental health and wellbeing support for retired police officers.

 We received a very high number of respondents and the information provided will help us with our campaign for increased support to retired officers.  The key findings were:

  •  94% of retired police officers agreed that the police service, nationally and locally, should have a duty to provide mental health and wellbeing support for police officers, as well as those serving.
  • 95% of retired police officers were not aware of any specialised support available to them if they were experiencing negative mental health and wellbeing issues.
  • 53% of retired police officers said being a member of the police had negatively affected their mental health and wellbeing.
  • When asked which aspects of their role had contributed to negative mental health and wellbeing in retirement:
  • 66% of retired police officers said experience of distressing or traumatic crimes
  • 57% said supervisory and management decisions
  • 48% said excessive workload
  • 75% of respondents said they had not received any training to help support their own and/or colleagues’ mental health and wellbeing when they were serving in the police.
  • 56% of retired police officers felt that their local force never encouraged them to talk openly about wellbeing issues.

These results, although distressing and concerning, are incredibly important in helping us to make the case to Government, who are currently progressing their Police Covenant through Parliament.

Our campaign, so far, has secured confirmation that the Police Covenant will be extended to retired police officers and staff. We have also been meeting with politicians to discuss our concerns at the current lack of provision and highlighting the need for change.

To help add to the weight of our survey results, we are now looking for any members who might be willing to speak more individually about any work related experiences they have had which have affected their mental health and wellbeing in retirement. This will help us to illustrate why improved support is needed.

Please rest assured that at this stage this would consist of an informal conversation with the CEO and DCEO at NARPO HQ which would be treated in the strictest confidence.  

We appreciate that for some speaking about their mental health or experiences may be distressing. NARPO has some available support and we would encourage you to visit the NARPO website, where you can find further information, including the details of help lines. Your local Branch can also provide advice and support.

If you would be interested in sharing your experiences, your case study would provide a powerful addition to our campaign, please contact either CEO Steve Edwards ceo@narpo.org or DCEO Alan Lees depceo@narpo.org



NARPO has urged the Government to ensure the retired are treated the same as those of working age, when resolving pension discrimination.

This follows the 2018 Court of Appeal’s judgment that found the Government had discriminated against public sector workers in their policy of transitional protection, which was part of the 2015 reforms to public service pension schemes.

Following this case, the Government said it would be adopting a ‘deferred choice underpin’ approach, offering affected members a choice between legacy and reformed scheme benefits.

However, it has since become clear that pension scheme members who have already retired will now have to wait at least a further two years to see the discrimination they have suffered remedied.

Unlike members still working, those who can now retire will receive the pension of their choice immediately, however, those members who have already retired are being asked to wait while pension legislation passes through the Houses of Parliament and pension schemes are able to act on it. This is predicted to be around October 2023.

NARPO is calling for this to be rectified as soon as possible to avoid individuals having to live on a reduced pension and suffer for further years.

Chief executive Steve Edwards said: “There is no logical reason why those already retired cannot have their cases dealt with as soon as practicably possible. The original judgement from the courts on this matter found that there had been age-based discrimination, to continue to deny retired members the pension they have earned is not in keeping with the spirit of that judgment.

“That’s why we have called on the Treasury to urgently look at this issue and stop this continued discrimination against older retired public sector workers.”


NARPO Member, the Reverend Martin Spain (Rtd. C/Insp) has been appointed the United Reformed Church National Synod of WalesOfficer for Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations.

Martin who lives in Wolfscastle, Haverfordwest is a Congregational Federation minister who has served the URC Landsker Pastorate since 2010. He was ordained in 1997 and has also served churches in Whitland and Ammanford. He served for 30 years as a Dyfed-Powys officer and his exemplary service included working on diversity issues in the justice sector and as Director of Studies at the National Police College.

As a minister he has served as the Chair of the Council of the Congregational Federation, as Chair of the Congregational Federation in Wales and is a past President of the Congregational Federation of Great Britain. He also serves as a voluntary Army chaplain and a part-time hospital chaplain.

Martin said, “I am delighted to take up this important role, particularly at this pivotal moment in our life as local churches as we emerge from the pandemic. Much has been done over the years and there is much to do and resolve with regards to our ecumenical journey. I pray that my contribution will help to build on our foundations as churches in Wales.”



The following has been received from Mr Steve Edwards, CEO NARPO UK:

Retired Rear Admiral Philip Mathias, supported by his campaign team that includes several retired police officers, has launched a legal action against the Government regarding the NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) scandal.

Unlike Social Care which is means-tested, it is the legal responsibility of the NHS to fully fund an individual's healthcare, in any setting outside of a hospital, if they have an ongoing serious illness such as severe dementia.

The application for a Judicial Review claims that NHS England has failed in this legal duty and has unlawfully denied tens of thousands of very ill people the CHC funding to which they are entitled, often with devastating emotional and financial consequences.

Further information can be found at: 



This Continuing Healthcare funding scandal will I am sure, have impacted on many NARPO members and their families, with devastating emotional and financial consequences and I would encourage you to support this campaign to make sure people are treated fairly at the time they need it most.



The army logistics expert brought in by Prime Minster Boris Johnson to help speed up the coronavirus vaccine roll-out is the son of NARPO member, Gwyndaf Prosser  of Llanelli.

Brigadier Phil Prosser (above), commander of the 101 Logistic Brigade, also known as the Iron Division, spoke alongside Prime Minister Boris Johnson at a press conference recently, where he outlined the army's involvement in delivering millions of doses of the vaccine in the coming weeks.

‘We are extremely proud of the role he is playing,’ said Gwyndaf. ‘He has served all over the world, including Afghanistan, Bosnia and Iraq and it is great to see him now taking on this role at home’. ‘He was heavily involved in the early stages of the pandemic last year, helping distribute PPE equipment to the NHS.

Phillip was awarded the CBE in the New Year Honours List for his role in that operation’.

Formerly in the Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Brigadier Prosser studied at Welbeck College, Sandhurst and Cranfield University in Bedfordshire, before doing a master’s degree with the Open University.

His wife Shani is from Fishguard and they have a daughter Emily.

Brigadier Prosser is under no illusions about the size of the task ahead. ‘We aim to deliver the vaccine as soon after it is supplied as possible, not leaving vast quantities in the warehouse - it needs to be in arms not on shelves’ said Brigadier Prosser.

He added that the operation would be ‘unparalleled in its scale and complexity. It is the equivalent of setting up a major supermarket chain in less than a month’.



The safest of the 42 police force areas in England and Wales are Hertfordshire, West Mercia, Gloucestershire, Surrey, Wiltshire, Dyfed-Powys, Devon and Cornwall and North Yorkshire. 

The Home Office data covers five crime areas: arson, theft, robbery, sex offences and violence against a person. Drugs offences and crimes involving weapons are not included.Cases of crimes per 1,000 people in each category were grouped together to find overall figures for each region. The regions were then ranked in order.

(Full article can be viewed by clicking on: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9104627/The-DANGEROUS-places-live-England-Wales.html)



NARPO HQ have been notified by ACC Forber of South Yorkshire Police that their Force are considering opening up the Miners’ Strike archives. The intention is to publish the material within the South Yorkshire Police Miners’ Strike Archive (‘the archive’), so that it is electronically accessible to all.

The aim is to release as much of the archive as possible into the public domain, However, before doing so, the Force is proposing to carry out a redaction process of some of the material prior to its disclosure.

Before releasing any material, South Yorkshire Police are seeking the views of interested parties, including Staff Associations, Police Forces, National Police Chiefs Council and NARPO in relation to their proposed redaction policy.

Protecting our Members’ personal data and welfare are of paramount importance. NARPO has sought advice from our Data Protection Officer, and we have made an initial response to the consultation. We will be making further, more detailed submissions in due course to best protect our members and their welfare.

The matter was discussed at the recent NEC meeting and it was agreed to contact Branches on this issue, as well as providing advice to Branches and Members on ‘historical’ enquiries and events.

Therefore, it is extremely important to remind our Members to exercise caution when responding to any requests regarding this, and any other ‘historical’ policing events.

This includes refraining from posting any information and / or comments on any social media or other platforms on such matters which can be accessed or viewed by the public, which could lead to the possibility that it could be used in any future criminal or other enquiry.



To mark the 15th anniversary of the building of the U.K’s National Police Memorial in 2005 the Police Memorial Trust are proud to announce the launch of a brand new website.

The specially built website gives a unique insight into the work undertaken by the Trust over the last thirty-five years. They unveiled their first memorial in 1985 following the murder of Yvonne Fletcher in St James’s Square, London.

It is a sad fact that the Trust have gone on to place a further forty nine memorials to a total of fifty five fallen British police officers.

The new website will go live tomorrow, Wednesday the 18th of November.

The launch date is especially poignant as it marks exactly fifteen years to the day since P.C Sharon Beshenivsky was murdered in Bradford, West Yorkshire. In May 2009, the Trust unveiled a memorial to Sharon at the location of her murder.

The new website contains individual pages dedicated to each of the fifty five officers they have commemorated with memorials together with exclusive images of all the unveiling ceremonies.

Commenting on the new website the Trust’s Chair, Mrs. Geraldine Winner said: “The launch of our new website marks fifteen years since The Queen opened U. K’s National Police Memorial in The Mall in London. Sadly, we have placed far too many of our memorials to fallen officers around the country.”

She added: “Our new website gives the officers loved ones, the police family and the public a lasting historical record of the commemoration of the brave police officers we have erected memorials to.”

The new site can be viewed at: www.thepolicememorialtrust.org



NARPO member Ian James retired from Dyfed-Powys Police in 2013 having completed over 30 years service – all served in the Powys area.

Since retirement, Ian has worked as a Service Coordinator with the British Red Cross and is currently working for Powys Association of Voluntary Services (PAVO) as an Outreach worker for the Powys Befriending Service.

More volunteers are need - could YOU help to keep our over 50’s smiling?

To find out more about the Powys Befriending Service, please click HERE



NARPO have agreed with Bernard and Suzanne from Affinity Resolutions to provide for NARPO members a free legal advice helpline and quarterly email newsletter on legal topics.

The advice line will support members by explaining where they can find information on any legal problem.

To use this membership benefit please register at www.affinityresolutions.co.uk/join/



The summer edition of the newsletter is a different format to previous editions. As well as ‘serious’ topics there are photographs / anecdotes from ‘the good old days’ and a couple of cartoons to lighten the mood. The newsletter can also be found in the Members Only section of the website



The following has been received from Age Cymru:

My name is Kelly Barr and I run the arts and creativity programmes for Age Cymru. I am writing to you today, as I am in the first phases of a project that is exploring how older people in Wales are represented in the media. We’d like to work with you and your members to challenge the ‘hands on a walking stick’ images that we so often see!

In this initial phase, we’d like to have conversations with older people from all over Wales to gather their views so that we can create a document that tells the media and other organisations exactly what words and images older people want used to represent them.

I appreciate that you won’t be meeting in person at this current moment in time, but if you were meeting digitally or over conference call, my colleague Leslie and I would love the opportunity to speak to your members about the project and gather their views. We can fit in with your agenda and be as flexible as you need us to be.

Alternatively, if any of your members would prefer to talk to us over the phone, they can add their names to our call list by emailing me on Kelly.barr@agecymru.org.uk or phoning me on 07944 995494 (Mon – Fri, 9am – 4pm).

We will be asking for people to respond to this project through local and national papers, and through social media as well, in the coming months.

 If you are interested in helping us to explore this project, please do let me know how we might be able to work together.



NARPO member Derek Edwards spent nine days unwell at his home and 14 days at Glangwili Hospital fighting Coronavirus. He is now recuperating at his home in Carmarthen and has kindly written an excellent article about his experience together with advice for anyone who may have to deal with Covid 19. To read the article click HERE



Later Life Ambitions recently conducted a members’ survey on the impact of Coronavirus on your everyday life.

The findings of the survey can be found by clicking on RESULTS



A message from our Travel Insurance providers AXA PP.

These are challenging and uncertain times. And, at AXA PPP healthcare, we are committed to pulling together with our members, partners and colleagues to find the right way through for all of us. We understand travel options are restricted right now. With that in mind, you will need to consider whether our annual travel insurance meets your travel needs for the coming year.

In response to the current circumstances we’ve set out some additional options and specific considerations for you to think about.

You can view this on the following link: AXA PPP Annual Travel Insurance 

You can also see the following FAQ’s



As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, Police Mutual, put together a range of factsheets focusing on mental health during the Coronavirus Pandemic.The first one focuses on how to look after your own mental health during the crisis.

Follow the links to read now:

Your own mental health: https://www.policemutual.co.uk/media/1eway5ab/6536-pm-covid-looking-after-your-own-mental-health-factsheet-v3-final-with-links.pdf?v=123

Supporting others: bit.ly/3bTBgCG

Supporting Children: CHILDREN



Police Care UK is the charity for serving and retired police officers and staff, volunteers, and their families, who have suffered harm as a result of policing. We are independent of any police forces, so we are funded entirely by donations and fundraising. We receive no money from government or forces for our work.

Potential Beneficiaries can access practical, emotional and financial support that is confidential and impartial by submitting a referral. We can provide confidential care - for life.

We have helped more than 10,000 serving and veteran police colleagues, and their families, come to terms with their situation, and rebuild their lives.

In 2019, we helped 502 families through our support services. We published the research from The Job and The Life in May, the UK's first force wide policing survey to assess trauma management and working conditions. We facilitated training in Suicide Awareness and Prevention for over 300 serving police officers and staff. We designed, developed and delivered our first Trauma Impact Processing Techniques course. We have provided £68,000 of funding to forces for small Wellbeing Grants. We established our strategic partnership with the Police Treatment Centres.

As a charity, we rely on assistance form our volunteers, but we need more help!

If you care about police our colleagues, why not consider a volunteering opportunity which will fit around you, and in your area, by visiting our website. There’s no obligation, and we don’t pressurise our volunteers to do any more than they want to. Any out of pocket expenses are paid.

There’s nothing to lose by simply finding out more about our volunteer roles, below:

Police Care Champion

1hr a month - Promote Police Care UK within their team, station, or community, highlighting what help is available and how to access it.

Force Ambassador

4-5hrs a month - Be a point of contact for Champions with questions, hold awareness stands, and provide briefings to teams and shifts about Police Care UK.

Support Volunteer

6-8hrs a month - Be a point of contact for the people we care for, checking to see that they're ok, and supporting them to access support from Police Care UK.

All you have to do, is visit our website here: https://www.policecare.org.uk/get-involved/volunteer/

Dave Blundell (Engagement Officer), Police Care UK



There is now a NEW dedicated email address for the DPP NARPO Secretary which is: DyfedPowys@narpo.org

This is also linked to the mass e-mail system which is used to send out notifications such as bereavement notices. This means that in future, undeliverable e mail notifications will ‘come back’ to Phil Addicott and not as in the past to NARPO HQ.

When the last bereavement notification was circulated by email, over fifty messages  ‘bounced back’ and therefore were not delivered.

To ensure membership data is accurate, please inform the secretary if you need to update your contact details e.g. a new email address.



A digital memorial to thousands of UK police officers and staff who lost their lives on duty has been launched.

Each day the names and images of people who died on that date will be published on the Digital UK Police Memorial.

In-depth stories, that are compiled by Liverpool John Moores University students, will also be published.

The roll of honour has been set up as part of plans for a new physical memorial which is due to open at the National Memorial Arboretum in 2021.

Since the first professional police force - the Bow Street Runners - was set up in 1749, 4,200 UK police officers and staff have died on duty.

The new digital memorial can be seen at http://digital.ukpolicememorial.org/.



Police Mutual has compiled factsheets which may be useful to members. Click on the below links to open the relevant factsheet.

Living with or Caring for Someone with a Physical Disability: (Click here)

Dealing with the Loss of a Loved One: (Click here)



The Herbert Protocol is a national scheme which encourages carers, family members or friends to compile useful information which could be used in the event of a vulnerable person going missing.

Using the Herbert Protocol form, you can record all vital details, such as medication required, mobile numbers and places regularly visited, or previously located if they have gone missing before. In the event of your family member or friend going missing, the form can be easily sent or handed to the police, along with a recent photograph – saving valuable time when you first contact the Police.

The Herbert Protocol initiative is named after George Herbert, a War veteran of the Normandy landings, who lived with dementia.

Note: To download the form click on the BLUE link above.



This toolkit, developed by Police Mutual, is designed to support you to find resources and insights that will enable you to function better and change some patterns of behaviour that may be holding you back from enjoying life.

To access this practical guide to improving well-being, please click HERE



In partnership with Police Mutual, NARPO are pleased to announce the launch of the Police Mutual Care Line providing support for the police family, serving and retired, in times of need.

The service will be provided by Red Arc, a nurse led advice service, who are at the end of the telephone to help with a range of concerns, including coping with bereavement, serious physical or mental health problems, disabilities, trauma, post-hospital care or dealing with long term elderly matters.

All nurses are specially trained advisers with a great deal of knowledge who treat all callers with compassion, sensitivity and in confidence. Please click on