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The results for the June 2022 quarterly draw and Summer Spectacular draw can be found in the in the Members Only section.



The AGM was held at the Falcon Hotel, Carmarthen on Monday 13th June. During the meeting, Peter Davies stood down as Chair after five years in office and paid tribute to various members that have supported him during a difficult time for the branch due to the Covid pandemic.

Left:  Outgoing Chair Peter Davies handing over to Mike Benbow Right: Phil Addicott, Peter Davies, Dr. Richard Lewis (Chief Constable) and Mike Benbow

The following officers were appointed:

Chair:  Mike Benbow

Vice-Chair: Peter Davies

Secretary & Treasurer: Phil Addicott

Deputy Secretary: Ian John

Webmaster / Newsletter Editor: Hugh Colley

Chaplain: Lynne Rees

The agenda and report can be found in the Members Section.

Dr. Richard Lewis (Chief Constable) was welcomed to the meeting and provided members with an insight into the challenges facing the Police service.  



I am delighted to have arrived back home in Wales and of course here in Heddlu Dyfed Powys Police as the new Chief Constable.

On Monday the 24th of January, I had the pleasure to meet with your Chairman Mr Peter Davies, who informed me about some of   the fantastic work that has been undertaken within the Dyfed Powys NARPO branch, and some opportunities which have been created for you as members to stay in touch during the difficult times that we have been faced with as a result of the pandemic. I have also taken the time to read some of your previous newsletters and I am thrilled to see that so many of you are making the most of your lives since moving on from policing.  It is also pleasing to see how our NARPO branch evidently continues to go from strength to strength.

You will not be surprised to hear that Policing continues to be a tough but very rewarding job, especially given the inimitable challenges that we have been faced with over the past two years.  However, I am grateful to you for continuing to be loyal advocates of the organisation, as you are uniquely placed to recognise the challenges of those serving with us today.   In return for your continued support, I have made a pledge to Peter that in addition to my responsibilities that I have for our serving members of staff, I will continue to maintain and build on the support that we provide to you as NARPO colleagues so that you continue to feel part of the Dyfed Powys family, after all; many of you have contributed significant parts of your lives to making Dyfed Powys what it is today.

My aim now is to push on hard to improve the force, by firstly consulting on the priorities for us moving forward and to then create a firm plan by the spring that will deliver against our vision.  Once we agree on those priorities, we will relentlessly pursue them as a single team.

I very much look forward to the opportunity to join you at one of your future AGM’s and to hopefully catch up with some of you in person. 


Dr. Richard Lewis

Chief Constable

The following has been received from DC Gareth Jordan (Cyber Protect Officer):

We are continuing to see people falling foul of criminals that pretend to be from the bank and stating that a person’s bank account has been compromised.


  • Criminals are phoning and pretending to be your bank.
  • They tell you that your account has been compromised and that you need to move money to a safe account.
  • A real bank will never do this.
  • If you receive this type of call, put the phone down and do not engage in conversation.
  • Wait 5 minutes before calling anyone else in case the line has been kept open.
  • Phone the number on the back of your bank card if you ever need to confirm details with your bank.



NARPO are incredibly excited to announce our new partnership with Perkjam, granting our members free, exclusive access to over a thousand offers, discounts, and freebies from big-name brands and local businesses.

The NARPO perks platform, powered by Perkjam, covers all aspects of life from entertainment, technology, travel, automotive and more.

All existing NARPO offers are also available via the new perks platform, housing all available savings in one place.

To register, please visit



The following has been received from DC Gareth Jordan (Cyber Crime Team):

It would seem that Gift Card Emails are back on the agenda - we have had a few calls from colleagues in Pembrokeshire that people have been receiving emails requesting Gift Cards to be purchased.

Key signs of a gift card scam are:

  • Someone you don’t know, or haven’t met in person, asks you to buy gift cards for them
  • Often, they will claim it is an emergency
  • They will often pull at heart-strings and say you are the only person they can turn to.

For more information please go to the Scam Alerts section.



Due to technical issues, it has not been possible to post photos into the Photo Album section and despite numerous attempts to rectify the problem, the problem has not been fixed.

Therefore, the DPP NARPO website now has TWO Photo Albums.

To access photos posted on the website from October 2021 onwards go to the Menu Bar and click on NEW PHOTO ALBUM

To access photos posted on the website pre October 2021, go to the Menu Bar and click on OLD PHOTO ALBUM.



The following has been received from DC Gareth Jordan (DPP Cyber Crime Team):

We have received notice from NFIB that Mobile Phone Upgrade Scams are on the increase UK wide.

We have only had a total of two reports to date – so not a massive increase in DPP. Hopefully, we can ensure that we stop more people being scammed before the criminals’ campaign reaches DPP in full swing?

To find out more about the scam click on MOBILE SCAM (English) or MOBILE SCAM (Welsh)



The following has been received from Mr Steve Edwards (CEO) NARPO UK:

Thank you to those who responded to our recent survey regarding mental health and wellbeing support for retired police officers.

 We received a very high number of respondents and the information provided will help us with our campaign for increased support to retired officers.  The key findings were:

  •  94% of retired police officers agreed that the police service, nationally and locally, should have a duty to provide mental health and wellbeing support for police officers, as well as those serving.
  • 95% of retired police officers were not aware of any specialised support available to them if they were experiencing negative mental health and wellbeing issues.
  • 53% of retired police officers said being a member of the police had negatively affected their mental health and wellbeing.
  • When asked which aspects of their role had contributed to negative mental health and wellbeing in retirement:
  • 66% of retired police officers said experience of distressing or traumatic crimes
  • 57% said supervisory and management decisions
  • 48% said excessive workload
  • 75% of respondents said they had not received any training to help support their own and/or colleagues’ mental health and wellbeing when they were serving in the police.
  • 56% of retired police officers felt that their local force never encouraged them to talk openly about wellbeing issues.

These results, although distressing and concerning, are incredibly important in helping us to make the case to Government, who are currently progressing their Police Covenant through Parliament.

Our campaign, so far, has secured confirmation that the Police Covenant will be extended to retired police officers and staff. We have also been meeting with politicians to discuss our concerns at the current lack of provision and highlighting the need for change.

To help add to the weight of our survey results, we are now looking for any members who might be willing to speak more individually about any work related experiences they have had which have affected their mental health and wellbeing in retirement. This will help us to illustrate why improved support is needed.

Please rest assured that at this stage this would consist of an informal conversation with the CEO and DCEO at NARPO HQ which would be treated in the strictest confidence.  

We appreciate that for some speaking about their mental health or experiences may be distressing. NARPO has some available support and we would encourage you to visit the NARPO website, where you can find further information, including the details of help lines. Your local Branch can also provide advice and support.

If you would be interested in sharing your experiences, your case study would provide a powerful addition to our campaign, please contact either CEO Steve Edwards This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or DCEO Alan Lees This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



NARPO has urged the Government to ensure the retired are treated the same as those of working age, when resolving pension discrimination.

This follows the 2018 Court of Appeal’s judgment that found the Government had discriminated against public sector workers in their policy of transitional protection, which was part of the 2015 reforms to public service pension schemes.

Following this case, the Government said it would be adopting a ‘deferred choice underpin’ approach, offering affected members a choice between legacy and reformed scheme benefits.

However, it has since become clear that pension scheme members who have already retired will now have to wait at least a further two years to see the discrimination they have suffered remedied.

Unlike members still working, those who can now retire will receive the pension of their choice immediately, however, those members who have already retired are being asked to wait while pension legislation passes through the Houses of Parliament and pension schemes are able to act on it. This is predicted to be around October 2023.

NARPO is calling for this to be rectified as soon as possible to avoid individuals having to live on a reduced pension and suffer for further years.

Chief executive Steve Edwards said: “There is no logical reason why those already retired cannot have their cases dealt with as soon as practicably possible. The original judgement from the courts on this matter found that there had been age-based discrimination, to continue to deny retired members the pension they have earned is not in keeping with the spirit of that judgment.

“That’s why we have called on the Treasury to urgently look at this issue and stop this continued discrimination against older retired public sector workers.”


NARPO Member, the Reverend Martin Spain (Rtd. C/Insp) has been appointed the United Reformed Church National Synod of WalesOfficer for Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations.

Martin who lives in Wolfscastle, Haverfordwest is a Congregational Federation minister who has served the URC Landsker Pastorate since 2010. He was ordained in 1997 and has also served churches in Whitland and Ammanford. He served for 30 years as a Dyfed-Powys officer and his exemplary service included working on diversity issues in the justice sector and as Director of Studies at the National Police College.

As a minister he has served as the Chair of the Council of the Congregational Federation, as Chair of the Congregational Federation in Wales and is a past President of the Congregational Federation of Great Britain. He also serves as a voluntary Army chaplain and a part-time hospital chaplain.

Martin said, “I am delighted to take up this important role, particularly at this pivotal moment in our life as local churches as we emerge from the pandemic. Much has been done over the years and there is much to do and resolve with regards to our ecumenical journey. I pray that my contribution will help to build on our foundations as churches in Wales.”




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